Assisted Living

caregiver assisting patient in walking

There comes a time wherein you might have to make the decision of transferring your aging loved one to an assisted living facility for their own good. When this time comes, it is important that you make your aging loved one understand that you are making this decision for their benefit. If they are still hesitant about the move, here are some ways as to how you might be able to convince them:

  • Introduce the idea of assisted living slowly. Before having the actual conversation, slowly introduce the idea of assisted living. Tell them about how it’s a community wherein assistance is provided 24/7. From bathing and grooming to socializing with other residents, make sure you drop subtle hints about it.
  • Make them understand that you are just worried. Talk to them kindly and just make them understand that you are just worried about their well-being.
  • Listen to their concerns and answer their questions truthfully. Most of the time, aging seniors are hesitant to move into an assisted living facility because they are scared of being in an unfamiliar place. This is why it is important for you to listen to their concerns and to answer their questions truthfully. If it helps, you can also take them to visit the assisted living facility that you are considering. This way, they get a personal look at the place.

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